Fracture injuries

Fracture injuries can be caused during any type of slip or trip accident. Any innocent victim who trips, slips or falls onto a hard surface runs the risk of sustaining a fracture injury.

Common causes of comminuted fracture injuries are:

  • Spillages in supermarkets causing a victim to slip and fall onto the hard floor. Numerous supermarket accidents, caused by undeclared spillages, result in victims sustaining injuries such as fractured elbows, arms, knees and wrists.
  • Trip hazards on public walkways and pavements such as raised paving slabs and potholes. Tripping due to a hazard on a public walkway is highly likely to cause a victim to sustain a fracture as the surface they fall onto is extremely hard.
  • Loose cables and wires left trailing around floors in shops and other buildings frequented by members of the general public – if the victim falls onto a hard surface it is highly likely they will suffer a fracture.
  • Floors that have been cleaned and are wet.

Any type of accident in a public place could, quite easily, cause a victim to sustain a fracture injury depending on how they fall. Wrist fractures are extremely common as the majority of people will put out their hands to break their fall; falling incorrectly could result in serious damage.

The majority of victims who have sustained a fracture due to an accident in a public place will require at least six weeks recovering fully from the injuries. Depending on the severity of the fracture, some victims may even require corrective surgery.

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