Lower Abdominal Pain Left Side

It is possible that you must have heard about lower abdominal pain right side. This is one of the common types of pains. There is also another type of abdominal pain that is referred to as lower pain in left side of abdomen comparison to right side. While the former occurs on the right side, the later is felt on the left side. It had been discovered to be a very common type of pain. It is felt more in comparison with the pain right side. This simple write up is designed to open your eyes to this common type of pain and some of the causes. You can also get informed about some simple treatment that can be implemented to get rid of this kind of problem.

Its common symptoms

It comes with some very common symptoms. These symptoms make it possible for one to easily recognize the side pain when it begins. It also makes it possible for one to get the right kind of treatment; since you know the type of pain that you are feeling. If you start having this acute pain and ache on the left side of your lower back, it is an indication of lower pain in left side. The pain can also come in a rather blunt way. There are times that the pain can be localized around the spinal cord in your lumber area. The pain can also make its path through your back starting from the base of your neck to the tail area of your back.

What are the possible causes?

This type of pain can have various causes. Some of the causes are medical in nature while some other ones are not medical. It is possible for a pregnant woman to have this condition. Hormonal changes and the increase in size of the uterus are responsible for this. As the uterus grows, it may lead to the pressing of some of the nerves of the abdomen and back. This can lead to the pain felt at the left side during pregnancy.

Muscular injury can be a cause

Muscular injury can be the cause too. If you begin to experience some kind of difficulty in breathing as you are having the issue, then there is good reason to believe that muscular injury is the cause for what you are feeling. When you try to breathe, the diaphragm is pulled. Since the diaphragm is attached to the back, it becomes very possible for you to experience the pain around your abdomen.


You should not attempt to get yourself treated when you feel this pain. Your doctor should be the next point of call.


This write up had tried to open your eyes to some of the things that can be expected from lower abdominal pain left side and how to go about treating it. Careful consideration should be given to each of the info above.

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