Do you Risk Complaining about your Food – No

Having worked in the food service industry for most of my working life I believe if there is something wrong with the meal you ordered, you should send back the substandard meal. If something is not up to its advertised standard then you should give the food servers and kitchen staff the opportunity to rectify the error or problem. If your food is sent back it stands to reason the replacement meal will be looked after as the kitchen team will not want to prepare your meal for a third time and the food servers will not want to go over again and sort the complaint as it becomes awkward and embarrassing for them.

There is a myth that all returned food is abused by the kitchen team and just heated up and sent back out to the customer. If a restaurant or food outlet really wants repeat customers and to continue to earn money, that sort of attitude and behaviour cannot be tolerated. When I worked in a nice little village pub in the south of England, the company trainer offered some advice on the problem. They said “Try not to take the complaint personally but to remain calm and listen to what the problem is, and agree a mutual beneficial solution. Secondly you only hear the complaint because the customer cares enough about the place he or she is visiting to give you the feedback. For every person who complains to the staff about a bad experience there is another two who just leave, never complain to the staff but give negative feedback about their dining experience to everyone they know and this means your workplace gets a bad reputation.

Of course all chefs are annoyed if food gets sent back, but they are more annoyed at themselves or the person who took the original food order. True chefs by their nature are perfectionists so if you give them the chance to rectify the situation they will give their full efforts to make the meal perfect. If you are in a poorly rated restaurant or substandard burger bar then complaining to the staff will not really get you anywhere, as the staff in lesser establishments are usually demotivated, underpaid and not interested in the food quality one bit. On the other hand the top eateries pride themselves on their reputations and show off with their awards for their food quality and dinning experience. So these places need positive and negative feedback to make sure they maintain their standard of whats on the menu and food service.


Different Styles of Indian Food and Restaurants

India is the second largest producer of food after China, and is a multi-cuisine country. It is a land of diverse culinary arts with their exclusive features and specialties. North, west, south, east and central parts of India, all have their own exclusive culinary specialties. Indian food presents a range of flavors and specialties as vast as the country itself.
Many Indians are vegetarians, but there is a substantial percentage of people who eat meat. Out of the many cuisines present in the Indian gourmet a few are as follows:

Indian Fare
A staple Indian diet consists of steamed rice served with “daal” (curried lentils), yoghurt, vegetables, lamb or chicken, pickles (there might be over thousands of varieties in pickles made all across India) and “rotis” (unleavened bread made from whole wheat flour and served hot and fresh). This is the simplest description for a basic Indian meal.

Mughlai Fare
Mughlai cuisine is a style that married Indian gravies with the richness of the Mughlai dining experience developed in northern India. The gravies are rich, spices are tempered with cream and butter and garnished with raisins, almonds, pistachios, walnuts or cashews. They form the gravies for enriching lamb or chicken as well as for dishes of cottage cheese and vegetables. “Biryani”, rice cooked with saffron and lamb or chicken is another specialty of the Mughlai Indian cuisine.

Udipi Fare
Udipi cuisine is basically a south Indian cuisine and owes its name to the city of its origin. Southern food is usually vegetarian, light and fiery. A lot of rice is eaten with a mixture of vegetables which are cooked in coconut oil. Every meal is accompanied with “sambhar”(lentil curry) as well as a thin soup called “rasam” which gave rise to the mulligatawny soup enjoyed in the west.

Hyderabad Hot
There is a southern flavor to the cuisine served in Hyderabad. There is an emphasis on mustard in this Indian cuisine.

Kebab Culture
Kebab(skewered barbequed meat) is a boneless piece of meat cooked for a long time over coals. The meats are marinated with yoghurt and spices and either cut into small portions or pounded into a paste or minced. A few different kebabs are sheekh kebab, boti kebab, pathar kebab or malai kebab.

Equally well spiced are the Goan curries of western India. Goa is best known for its beaches, and therefore visitors can look forward to an abundance of seafood. The specialty here is Vindaloo (meat or seafood cooked in spices and vinegar). Sausages and pork is also popular which resuls in Sorpotel (a combination of tender flesh and spicy hot curry).

Vegetarian Belt
The states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra represents the vegetarian belt of the Indian cuisine collection.

Sweetmeats and Fruits
Indians have a sweettooth and the different types of sweets available throughout India. “Jalebis” (pretzel-like shapes fried in oil and dunked in sugar syrup), equivalent to western confections is “barfi” made of milk, “gulab jamuns” , “kheer”(thickened, sweetened milk in which rice has been cooked and garnished with saffron and raisins) etc. are a few to mention.

These are only a few of the various different cuisines relished in India. International dining and restaurants are also popular in India. Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Thai and Continental cuisine restaurants are also getting popular with the Indian population.


Acne Conglobata: One Type of Acne

Acne is a one kind of human skin disease; Different types of acne can affect the face, upper chest, and the back areas.

Acne is a one kind of eruption of skin, it occurs in the adolescence, and it is referred in the presence of pustules and papules. Is also called as the “Acne vulgaris”, it means common acne. There are much more types of acne like acne conglobata, which will be described later on. Its attacks are not only in the teenagers, but also in the adult, children through 10 to 40years, this disease is caused due to the increase of sebum production. The Acne is curable one. Many remedies are introduced in the market. It is easy to get. Better than chemical medicines, use home made remedies is best one for all kind of skin diseases.

The symptoms of Acne are scaly red skin it is named as seborrhea, blackheads and white heads (comedones), pin heads (papules), pimples (pustules), nodules, and the possibly. The scars of these disease is ice pick scars, it means a deep pits in that particular area. Box car scares, means angular scars located in the temple and cheeks. Rolling scars, it means the wave caused in that area. Hypertrophic scars, this scars which are to be thickened, or the keloid scars. Under the skin the painful bumps are take place. From the starting stage is easy to cure.

Lets look at an extreme acne example:

The cystic acne is the one part of the acne vulgaris disease, which is located on the face. And the second one is subsiding tropical acne; it may be situated in the part of the trunk. The last one is extensive acne; this type of acne comes especially in chest and the shoulder. These three diseases are mainly attacked by the increase of sebum. This fade takes its own time like three month to two years. This may be caused by the Estradiol fails; during the anti-acne ovarian hormone fails this skin disease can be easily attacked.

Due to the reduction or failure of these estradiol, can also cause the thinning hair, hot flashes, predisposes to osteopenia, vaginal dryness, wrinkles, and thin skin. This disease gives irritating, stress, pain and so on. The treatment of Acne is various methods they are, through benzyl peroxide, antibiotics, retinoid, antiseborrheic medications, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, azelaic acid, nicotinamide, and kera-tolytic soaps. Through the diagnosis that may be followed these acne they are the Leeds acne grading technique, cook’s acne grading scale, Pillsbury scale.

The best Acne treatment is propionibacterium acne, the anti-inflammatory effects, hormonal manipulation. The pimples are mainly caused by the oily faces; we have to clean our face forever, avoid oily items take the food correctly due to the procedures. Reduce the chocolates; wash the face to the cool water. These remedies and acne treatments help to reduces redness, inflammation and dryness, to enhances complexion and as well as the skin tone, the treatment is used to unclog pores, kill bacteria, and minimize the level of the oil. The best method for almost all types of acne is prevention. So be aware in the taking foods and use of cosmetics.

What is Acne Conglobata

Acne conglobata is one of the mos severe types of acne commonly beginning in between the ages of 18 and 30. It generally persists for a quite long time, and generally until the patient is around 40 years old. Even though it frequently occurs exactly where there is certainly already an active acne difficulty, it may also happen to persons whose acne has subsided. Despite the fact that the cause of this sort of acne conglobata is unknown, it can be associated with testosterone and thus appears primarily in men. It might be caused by anabolic steroid abuse and sometimes appears in men following stopping testosterone therapy. It can also happen to a person who has a tumor that’s releasing big amounts of androgens, or to people today in remission from autoimmune diseases, for example leukemia. In specific persons, the condition may possibly be triggered by exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons or ingestion of halogens.


Warning: If You Use Tattoo Lotion for your Tattoo Itching Then You Could Make Yourself Very Sick

Men and women alike spend a fortune on their hair, their skin and even their tattoos, but when it comes to looking after their new tattoo, they often say, ‘Oh, I’ll just use a tattoo lotion for my tattoo itching.’

Let me ask you a question, would you spray your best ever car then leave it outside in the rain and wind to dry off? Off course not!, It would get covered in crap, right?

Or would you prepare a beautiful meal then leave it out where the dog or flies could get at it? Of course not.

Then why spend a fortune on a beautiful piece of art that will adorn your body for the rest of your life, then leave it for parasites to start breeding in it? Why? What makes you think that tattoo lotion is going to do anything to stop your tattoo itching? Have a look at the ingredients of any lotion, I guarantee it has a load of vitamin c in it. Do you know why? Because tattoo lotion is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and the vitamin is there to stop the stuff rotting in the bottle. That is why vitamin c is added to so many things.

It is wicked to sell lotion for tattoo itchiness.

If you have infected tattoo itching you need to do two things.

Order Tattoo Doctor now and my staff will get it sent to you today, and I mean today.

Then wash the tattoo with hot salty water. If you have any disinfectant, you could put a few drops of that in it. Gently pat the tattoo dry with a soft clean cloth.

If you have any coconut oil, gently massage a few drops of that into the wound until the Tattoo Doctor arrives.

Mother Nature is full of clues.

An apple or banana will go off in about a week.

A coconut will take years to go off, it contains very powerful natural antifungals and antibiotics.

You certainly don’t need to cover a coconut in vitamin c.

Your Tattoo Doctor will last for years and years without going off. So get the Tattoo Doctor now, you can forget about tattoo lotion and tattoo itching.


Lower Abdominal Pain Left Side

It is possible that you must have heard about lower abdominal pain right side. This is one of the common types of pains. There is also another type of abdominal pain that is referred to as lower pain in left side of abdomen comparison to right side. While the former occurs on the right side, the later is felt on the left side. It had been discovered to be a very common type of pain. It is felt more in comparison with the pain right side. This simple write up is designed to open your eyes to this common type of pain and some of the causes. You can also get informed about some simple treatment that can be implemented to get rid of this kind of problem.

Its common symptoms

It comes with some very common symptoms. These symptoms make it possible for one to easily recognize the side pain when it begins. It also makes it possible for one to get the right kind of treatment; since you know the type of pain that you are feeling. If you start having this acute pain and ache on the left side of your lower back, it is an indication of lower pain in left side. The pain can also come in a rather blunt way. There are times that the pain can be localized around the spinal cord in your lumber area. The pain can also make its path through your back starting from the base of your neck to the tail area of your back.

What are the possible causes?

This type of pain can have various causes. Some of the causes are medical in nature while some other ones are not medical. It is possible for a pregnant woman to have this condition. Hormonal changes and the increase in size of the uterus are responsible for this. As the uterus grows, it may lead to the pressing of some of the nerves of the abdomen and back. This can lead to the pain felt at the left side during pregnancy.

Muscular injury can be a cause

Muscular injury can be the cause too. If you begin to experience some kind of difficulty in breathing as you are having the issue, then there is good reason to believe that muscular injury is the cause for what you are feeling. When you try to breathe, the diaphragm is pulled. Since the diaphragm is attached to the back, it becomes very possible for you to experience the pain around your abdomen.


You should not attempt to get yourself treated when you feel this pain. Your doctor should be the next point of call.


This write up had tried to open your eyes to some of the things that can be expected from lower abdominal pain left side and how to go about treating it. Careful consideration should be given to each of the info above.


Is Juice Cleansing Good For You?

Yes indeed, Is Juice Cleansing good for you? It is a good way to increase your energy levels and to detox. However, you don’t want to do juice cleanse forever. Your body needs the fiber and nutrient that come from food. Do a juice cleanse for say 5-10 days every couple of months is a good way to keep your body free from toxins. If you are thinking that you want to attempt to cleanse for weight loss then you will want to first clear it with your Doctor.

You’ll Be moooody

The first thing that you really must realize is that for the first few days especially, you will feel weak. For this reason it is a smart thing to start your juice cleansing for weight loss over the weekend or whenever you will have a few days of down time.

Your mood will change. But, once you are over the initial shock, you should feel better.

And remember, you won’t want to do any major workouts during this time. You will have to adjust your activity accordingly. Take it easy and rest a lot! Is juice cleansing good for you?…in the long run the answer is yes!

As you look around in the media you will find that a lot of stars are singing the praises of a Juicing Cleanse. Co workers in office groups are starting their own ‘group cleanses’ so that they can all lose the pounds together.

Image by mike@bensalem via Flickr

Juice cleanses make most people super cranky (not eating solid food for days on end doesn’t do wonders for your disposition), but apparently office group cleanses — one-to-five day, all-liquid diets — are all the rage in the corporate world because of their power to bond coworkers together, one exorbitantly-priced pineapple-apple-mint juice at a time.

that more coworkers are cleansing together because juice diets have become more mainstream —…More at Is juice cleansing good for you? Juice Cleanses Gain Popularity as Workplace Team-Building Torture Strategy – Jezebel

Image by jvh33 via Flickr

Is Juice Cleansing Good For You…Jessica says yes…

Even Jessica Simpson is getting in on the action…If you visit the link below you will find out that the Juice Cleanse that she is doing sounds pretty much like the Master Cleanse. Jessica Simpson Doing an Internal Cleanse! – Showbiz Spy

Benefits-Is juice cleansing good for you

Here are a couple of articles that we found that highlight and answer the question “Is juice cleansing good for you?” I think that though it is very popular, there is a time and place for doing a juice cleanse diet and you really should get your doctor’s approval.

Is juice cleansing good for you?….read these and you will have a better picture of the benefits of a juice cleansing diet plan…

TITLE: The Health Benefits of Juicing Are Well Documented, But What Exactly is Juicing?

URL: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/the-health-benefits-of-juicing-are-well-documented-but-what-exactly-is-juicing-1430991.html

We even found a great article about the people of  Wallstreet that are doing juice cleanses in order to reach their weight loss goals. I really think that before any cleansing for weight loss one should indeed wonder is juice cleansing good for you.

Wall Street’s Newest Weight Loss Fad
Business Insider
It’s the time of the year when we all need to be in shape to hang by the pool. But, many folks on Wall Street just don’t have the time to hit the gym, so they’ve started using other methods to trim down for the summer. The latest weight loss fad to hit

Obviously the attraction to a juice cleanse is not Is Juice cleansing good for you; but rather how can I lose weight with little activity involved…

If you are thinking that you may want to try a juice cleansing diet plan, then do some research first. You will want to make sure that it is safe and that you are following a proven plan.

Is Juice Cleansing Good For You?-we say yes..

The Master Cleanse Fast-also known as the lemonade diet, is a proven ‘juice’ cleanse with a lot of support that comes along with it. If you visit there official website you will be able to learn if this is the right cleanse for you. Is the Master Cleanse Good for Your weight loss efforts….read the reviews on the site, you will learn a lot.

So to the question “is juice cleansing good for you?”….the answer is yes, sometimes. Be smart about what juice cleanse for weight loss you choose.


Fracture injuries

Fracture injuries can be caused during any type of slip or trip accident. Any innocent victim who trips, slips or falls onto a hard surface runs the risk of sustaining a fracture injury.

Common causes of comminuted fracture injuries are:

  • Spillages in supermarkets causing a victim to slip and fall onto the hard floor. Numerous supermarket accidents, caused by undeclared spillages, result in victims sustaining injuries such as fractured elbows, arms, knees and wrists.
  • Trip hazards on public walkways and pavements such as raised paving slabs and potholes. Tripping due to a hazard on a public walkway is highly likely to cause a victim to sustain a fracture as the surface they fall onto is extremely hard.
  • Loose cables and wires left trailing around floors in shops and other buildings frequented by members of the general public – if the victim falls onto a hard surface it is highly likely they will suffer a fracture.
  • Floors that have been cleaned and are wet.

Any type of accident in a public place could, quite easily, cause a victim to sustain a fracture injury depending on how they fall. Wrist fractures are extremely common as the majority of people will put out their hands to break their fall; falling incorrectly could result in serious damage.

The majority of victims who have sustained a fracture due to an accident in a public place will require at least six weeks recovering fully from the injuries. Depending on the severity of the fracture, some victims may even require corrective surgery.

The dedicated slip and trip experts from Slip Trip Injury Solicitors will ensure you receive compensation to cover every aspect of your suffering.

Slip Trip Injury Solicitors guarantees you will be able to keep 100% of your compensation award and representation from our specialist solicitors will not cost you a penny in legal fees.

You could, potentially, be owed thousands of pounds in compensation after sustaining a fracture due to an accident in a public place – to ensure you do not miss your chance to receive your award call Slip Trip Injury Solicitors today.


Staph Infection on Nose: Causes and Symptoms

Staphylococcus aureus, is one type of bacteria that is responsible for many infections. It is quite common and in many cases it is harmless. Staph infection can cause minor skin irritations and in some cases even inflamed throat. The problem is that it can spill in the bloodstream and affect the nervous system and respiratory tract. In many cases, once it gets complicated, it is fatal.

It can cause endocarditis or even pneumonia in some cases but in most of the cases this causes skin infections. They can cause impetigo, which is a rash present in children, cellulitis and scaled skin. Many of the infections can be treated with antibiotics but it has to be discovered in time. Each staph infection starts with minor irritation and redness then swelling appears. In many cases food poisoning sets place. These symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and nausea. These set in quite fast and they take only 2 hours to set in. The condition is not at all fatal and the patient can be treated with common antibiotics. Only in some cases, when left untreated, the bacteria can enter the blood stream and then affect the major organs. In most of the cases resulting in death the people affected were old or very young.

The only problem that truly appears is the fact that staph infections are getting resistant to antibiotics. Nowadays the chemical industry is trying to find newer and newer methods to treat these infections that are getting more aggressive every day. They affect healthy people and those that have a decreased immunity system. The symptoms of staph infections in nose can become aggressive and it is best to first try to treat it with mild antibiotics and then try the harder ones so that the body does not become immune to the treatments. Doctors should be aware of this and not prescribe hard antibiotics all the time for small infections.


Adult Acne conglobata remedy – What you ought to Take Care Of

Just whenever you thought you’d probably finally obtained through every one of the skin problems related to teenage life, you awaken one day in order to find acne conglobata. Should you ask the dermatologist, you will find out acne is not really a problem with regard to teens. Fortunately, there are some treatments that will help you combat adult zits successfully.

Adult Acne Facts

Doctors say adult conglobata acne is a common problem, however an under-recognized a single. Most people think acne it really for kids, but it can happen later in life too. It’s more common in women than in men. Statistics demonstrate that acne conglobata impacts about 25% of most adult men and 50% of all mature women at some point during their life.

At the bottom of zits lies the actual pimple, that doctors phone comedo. A zit is a put of fat, skin debris and keratin trapped in a locks duct. When it is available, we call it any blackhead and when it is closed more than, a whitehead. Whiteheads may cause the wall space of the locks duct to rupture, leading to inflammation, infection as well as cysts associated with acne.

Many individuals think that acne breakouts are a result of bad hygiene, but this is not accurate. Both grownup and adolescent acne are caused by a combination of many factors, including excess essential oil production, flawed closing with the hair duct or perhaps infection. Washing your face lightly only two times a day is actually superior to washing it more often.

Adult Acne breakouts Treatment

You can choose between an adult acne conglobata treatment in a dermatologist’s business office or in the home. However, compressing pimples in your own home often contributes to infection and scars. Squeezing pimples is another very effective way of getting your acne to distributed. Doctors, on the other half hands, use special sterile instruments to stop infection, scarring and acne spread.

Another solution is to check the local drug store for adult acne skin care treatments. If you’ve ever attempted this, you know it’s loaded with such items. With so many possibilities, choosing the right adult acne treatment could be very difficult.

A excellent progress in acne conglobata remedy has been the particular producing from the topical retinoid acid, a changed form of a vitamin. Improved variations of this treatments greatly reduce the actual irritation it may cause. Other acne treatments fight against diverse causes of zits. They are occasionally used in combination. Such acne treatments include:

* Azelaic acidity cream

* Benzoyl peroxide

* Alpha-hydroxy acids (such as lactic acid, glycolic chemical p and gluconic acidity)

* Antibiotic supplements (of employed unwisely, they can cause antibiotic level of resistance)

* Topical prescription antibiotics (gels, lotions and options)

* Contraceptive tablets for women

* Sotret or Accutane for serious acne

Accutane and Sotret have several side effects, including birth defects. Ladies with very severe acne problems that pick these remedies should utilize alternative contraception. Despite the unwanted effects they have, these types of treatments are probably the best choice regarding sever acne.


Infantigo Treatments

Infantigo is pretty easy disease to treat and there are hardly any complications that may occur to the patients. However, it has a very serious complication, which can cause the inflammation of the kidney. This can occur because of a complex immune reaction to the bacteria in the body of the patient. But this happens very rarely and you should not worry much about it unless you feel that enough, you may have this to you!

Best treatment for any disease is caution and prevention, and Infantigo is no exception to this. You should keep your skin clean and dry and avoid any further injury to it, which may increase the chance of this condition. If you have some rash, which is becoming more extensive, painful, or worsens in any other way, you should immediately contact your physician for further treatment.

If you want to avoid getting this Infantigo, you should avoid contact with others people who are suffering from the disease. If you have any sores on your body, you should clean all sores and bites with antibacterial soap and water, and avoid scratching or pricking. The disease is highly contagious and should avoid all means whereby you may get into the contact of a person who is suffering from this disease.

Home care is often advised in most of the cases, where good hygiene conditions and some cleanliness are prescribed as the best means. You can wash the sores with antibiotic soap and apply antibiotic ointment on it, but take care that you wash your hands very carefully after doing so to avoid any chances of contagiousness. Other members of the family and also other children of the family should be kept away so as to avoid all the chances of contagiousness.

However, if you feel that the home care is not doing good and you need physician who can prescribe some antibiotics, you should consult the doctor. Some of the antibiotics that may be prescribed by the doctor for Infantigo are pills that are special types of penicillin or some related medications called cephalosporin. Some persons may have penicillin allergy, and if yes then the treatment is usually substituted with erythromycin, clarithromycin, or azithromycin.