The Uterus – A Look Inside Women’s Health

Women’s health issues are being brought to the fore front more and more. It seems that women are constantly complaining about some type of female problem. The uterus is one of the most talked about issues when it comes to women’s health concerns.

Problems with the uterus can involve anything from uterine bleeding and fibroids to cancer and these are concerns that women have, especially when it is time to start a family. With the advancements in women’s medicine there are more options for women that suffer with a uterine problem.

Irregular uterine bleeding is one of the most often encountered problems in women today. Where some women will comment that, “you can set the calendar to her period”, others have no idea when their cycle will begin. This becomes an issue when women are thinking of having children because a sporadic menstrual cycle could be a serious concern.

An irregular menstrual cycle could mean a number of medical problems. For instance, this could be a sign of endometriosis, a condition where cells line the uterine wall and cause painful menstrual cramps or even infertility. If a female suffers from this condition normally pain medication is prescribed to help alleviate the pain.

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that begin in the uterus, and about 50% of women have them comparing to anteverted uterus. Your doctor may prescribe some type of birth control to shrink the fibroids. It is also said that pregnancy will aid in the termination of them.

Commonly, doctors diagnose this problem through an ultrasound which is considered the easiest and least expensive of the techniques used for determining if you suffer from uterine fibroids. If necessary, surgical intervention may be necessary, such as a hysterectomy or removal of the uterus. Unfortunately, sometimes this is a necessary method in order to avoid the fibroids becoming cancerous.

Uterine cancer begins with the buildup cells within the uterus. If these cells continue to build they may form a growth/tumor within the uterus that can become malignant. They can be removed but like with any type of cancer, there is always the chance that they’ll grow back.

Some factors that may cause uterine cancer are an irregular increase in the cells of the lining of the uterus. Being extremely overweight may also contribute to uterine cancer, as well as, early onset of your menstrual cycle and menopause after age 55.

It is always wise to see your gynecologist on a regular basis in order to be kept well informed of issues of concern. With the advancement in the medical field today, we can only hope that women’s health issues will have its part in this advancement in the future.

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