Warning: If You Use Tattoo Lotion for your Tattoo Itching Then You Could Make Yourself Very Sick

Men and women alike spend a fortune on their hair, their skin and even their tattoos, but when it comes to looking after their new tattoo, they often say, ‘Oh, I’ll just use a tattoo lotion for my tattoo itching.’

Let me ask you a question, would you spray your best ever car then leave it outside in the rain and wind to dry off? Off course not!, It would get covered in crap, right?

Or would you prepare a beautiful meal then leave it out where the dog or flies could get at it? Of course not.

Then why spend a fortune on a beautiful piece of art that will adorn your body for the rest of your life, then leave it for parasites to start breeding in it? Why? What makes you think that tattoo lotion is going to do anything to stop your tattoo itching? Have a look at the ingredients of any lotion, I guarantee it has a load of vitamin c in it. Do you know why? Because tattoo lotion is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and the vitamin is there to stop the stuff rotting in the bottle. That is why vitamin c is added to so many things.

It is wicked to sell lotion for tattoo itchiness.

If you have infected tattoo itching you need to do two things.

Order Tattoo Doctor now and my staff will get it sent to you today, and I mean today.

Then wash the tattoo with hot salty water. If you have any disinfectant, you could put a few drops of that in it. Gently pat the tattoo dry with a soft clean cloth.

If you have any coconut oil, gently massage a few drops of that into the wound until the Tattoo Doctor arrives.

Mother Nature is full of clues.

An apple or banana will go off in about a week.

A coconut will take years to go off, it contains very powerful natural antifungals and antibiotics.

You certainly don’t need to cover a coconut in vitamin c.

Your Tattoo Doctor will last for years and years without going off. So get the Tattoo Doctor now, you can forget about tattoo lotion and tattoo itching.

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